PSD (USDoT Standards) – for flights USA + Canada

PSD (USDoT Standards) – for flights USA + Canada

Please note: A new component of the PSDeurope assistance dog training is an obligatory interview with the PSDeurope psychotherapist to discuss, determine and precisely agree on the content of the special tasks of your assistance dog.

The following components are included:

  • Certification of your dog as a PSD (psychiatric service dog) according to USDoT standards.
  • Online theory course with video training
  • Access to the Member Download Area
  • PSDeurope ID-card
  • Provision of a standard task list according to your requirements
  • PSD tags (including USDoT logo)

What is your job:

  • You book the PSD (US DoT) standards package
  • You work through the PSDeurope theory course with video training
  • You will train with your dog the specifications taught in the course
  • You create your own videos about your dog’s skills based on given specifications (basic + special tasks)
  • You work out the personal task list that suits you and provide it to us for final processing
  • You send your data (including confirmation from your doctor or psychotherapist) and your photos via the data form


Upon successful completion of the PSDeurope training you will receive:

  • PSDeurope PSD (USDoT) Certificate
  • Theory course final certificate
  • PSDeurope ID-card, valid for 3 years
  • PSDeurope tags for leash and chest harness
  • PSDeurope Emergency Card
  • PSDeurope personal task list