Attention: Our first appeal for donations – help for Rhonda’s dog project in Bali

Attention: Our first appeal for donations – help for Rhonda’s dog project in Bali

A special and admirable initiative in Bali, Indonesia

Rhonda Lepsch, an American in Bali has over 15 years of experience rescuing, raising, rehabilitating and housing abandoned and abused dogs – from puppies to pit bulls. She completed the “Cesar’s Way” training at the Dog Psychology Centre in Santa Clarita, California. She is also a professional member of the International Association of Canine Professionals (IACP).

It is the goal of Rhonda and her team to rescue as many abandoned and abused dogs in Bali as possible, raise them and give them a tolerable home. Currently there are over 100 and also some cats living with her, which of course cause a lot of costs. We all know how much a dog demands from us. I can’t even imagine how to care for and keep more than 100 dogs in one place. In 2022 Rhonda was able to help more than 900 animals in Bali with her own initiative.

We have been working with Rhonda for years and will be taking our new dog from her in Indonesia. Now circumstances have arisen in Bali that simply require the assistance of as many people as possible. Storms have caused massive damage to the shelter, termites have done their bit and the rebuilding work has also failed as a result. At the same time “nice” people looted the adjacent warehouse. Due in no small part to the Corona pandemic, Rhonda’s income has collapsed which now requires donation assistance from all of us. Of course, if this is possible.

Your donation will go directly to Rhonda without deduction. Thank you in advance. Please trust us that this is a truly worthwhile goal for our joint help.

You want to learn more? You can find Rhonda Lepsch at:

Download Information Sheet: (You want to know more) – German

Download Information Sheet (you need to know more) – English