PSDeurope Lost+Found Tag – NFC based

PSDeurope Lost+Found Tag – NFC based

“Lost & Found” tag on NFC basis

Programmed with all the information about the particular ESA animal and the owner, including “name”, “species and breed”, “chip number” and other details the owner would like to have on the NFC chip. The owner is deposited with “Name”, “Address”, “Phone”, “Email”.

Additionally, scanning the chip triggers an automatic connection to the individual “Lost & Found” page of the respective ESA human/animal team. The creation of the respective page is included in the price of the tag. The page also explains how to read the rest of the contents of the NFC chip, since we can’t assume that everyone knows about NFC chips.

Each chip has a unique number.

Please click on the following link to connect to the created test page. This is also how the page would look when your pet’s tag is scanned.

Please provide us with the following information via email after purchase so we can program the tag correctly:

  • Your name, your address, your phone number, your email address
  • An emergency number to call whenever something happens to you together with your pet
  • Name of the animal, species – breed – color, birthday of the animal, chip number (if available)
  • Portrait photo of you and your pet

Please send these details after purchase to: