ESAeurope Card (not suitable for flying)

ESAeurope Card (not suitable for flying)

The current ESA Card at ESA-Europe

Your animal becomes your Emotional Support Animal. It supports you by simply being there, helping you to overcome daily challenges. Your pet accompanies you when shopping, going to the authorities and traveling (except for air travel).

ESAs have no special training, but have a positive impact on your psyche and daily well-being through their bond and relationship, as well as their closeness. You feel better thanks to your pet and you can better manage your everyday life.

The positive effect of animals on the psyche of humans has been scientifically proven and we notice that this knowledge and realization is also increasingly finding its way into the work of doctors and into the practice of psychotherapy.

Changes that affect the card itself (for example, name changes) must be reported and it must be decided in each individual case whether a new card must be issued and under what conditions. Please note that the ESAeurope Card contains new colors and information in terms of design compared to the previous copy.

Attention: Please get the doctor’s confirmation before purchase. Without this, the card cannot be issued by ESAeurope. However, if required, we can arrange an online therapy interview which, if completed positively, will entitle you to obtain the ESAeurope Card.